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My Manifesto

Vision: Living a life of having realized my truest potential in all dimensions, and spreading the message of love and compassion with everyone I come in contact with. I live in an apartment that overlooks the oceans, breathe clean air and properly ventilated space that nurtures creativity and provides freshness to my state of being….

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The Voices Inside Your Head: Who Do You Listen To?

I mentioned in my previous post about my Facebook Fast to cut down on the external noise for 30 days, to listen to my inner voice. So, what’s the inner voice? Every night, I resolve to wake up early in the morning. But when the time comes to wake up early, I have these voices inside…

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Facebook Fast: A Sabbatical from Facebook for a month

I’ve been toying with an idea to stay away from ONE external noise, or an energy/time waster for just 30 days – just to check if I can do it. It is like fasting from a feast. We live in the age of technology abundance. With the ease of technology-assisted communication, also comes an overload,…

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