Facebook Fast: A Sabbatical from Facebook for a month

I’ve been toying with an idea to stay away from ONE external noise, or an energy/time waster for just 30 days – just to check if I can do it. It is like fasting from a feast. We live in the age of technology abundance. With the ease of technology-assisted communication, also comes an overload, which overpowers the inner voice that one must always listen to.

My mentor Sri. Duleep Sahadevan, a very successful self-made Entrepreneur, used to tell me about his ritual of switching off the mobile phone and computers for one day of every week – and he chose Sunday for obvious reasons. It was the early days of my career, and this sounded too stupid at that time – Why the heck would anyone want to shun away from the luxury of communication? It took me years to realize the purpose of it.

Perry Marshall, in his course 80/20 Productivity Express says “Most of your friend’s time is worth less than yours” – and he reasons that statement by saying “You chose the life of an entrepreneur to create something bigger than yourself. When a friend wastes your time, he is also wasting that vision; the purpose of your life”. I can’t help but agree. We spend too much time on social media (sometimes) just because of the urge to stay connected with friends. I am not saying that it is a complete waste of time – as I have made some really great friends on Facebook, and have connected with them at a very deep level through sharing my stories, which was also very inspirational to many.

But time has come to put myself to a test: to see if I have the discipline to stay away from the luxury I have been enjoying since 2008. I am not going away from Facebook for ever – It is just a test of my commitment to become a better version of myself.

The best thing to fast from, is the thing that gets in the way of YOU being successful.

The upside: You get to see me blogging here very often, and most of them my reflections and my learning in life – from the books I have read, from the people I have met, and the places I have traveled.

Support me on my journey of learning and sharing meaningful experiences in life. To inspire and take inspiration from life. #InspiredByLife.