My Manifesto

Vision: Living a life of having realized my truest potential in all dimensions, and
spreading the message of love and compassion with everyone I come in contact with.

I live in an apartment that overlooks the oceans, breathe clean air and properly ventilated space that nurtures creativity and provides freshness to my state of being. I wake up next to the woman of my life, brimming with love and compassion. I eat fresh, local produce from the local markets. I drink juices made from fresh and organic produce. I do yoga and meditation everyday, and organize my day in such a way to create maximum impact. I write journals everyday, sharing my learning and offering gratitude.

I blog almost everyday, and publish at least one book every year. I create content for use within my organization, and make the best of the content available online for anyone to use and share, in an open-source model. I share knowledge, and make empowering connections with influential people and thought leaders. I enjoy singing and playing musical instruments. I collaborate music and release albums.

I create systems that generates an abundant passive income to support my lifestyle. I have a good sum of savings in the form of mutual funds, long-term stocks, recurring and fixed deposits that help me create a safety net for the future. We have set aside a reserve for our children’s education fund that enables our kids to afford the best higher education in the world’s best institutes.

I drive an Audi and ride a Harley Davidson. I take them out on long drives. I travel very often, and take four vacations every year for a minimum 10 days each. On family vacations, I stay only at TripAdvisor’s top rated hotels and resorts. For my alone backpack tours, I stay with the locals and at comfortable hostels that entails me to savor the local lifestyle and practice minimalism.

I enjoy peak fitness levels. Though I don’t wear a 6-pack, my health is in the perfect condition as I exercise regularly and eat consciously. I practice the powerful ancient Hatha Yoga. I can easily do 50 Surya Namaskar without taking a break, and climb 17 levels of stairs at a stretch. I take cold showers every morning and enjoy a hot aromatic bath every night. I drink lemon water everyday. I have completely cut out processed sugars and simple carbs from my diet. I eat healthy fats, complex carbs with high-quality proteins. I do occasionally indulge in street foods without any restrictions applied 😉

I have a clear mind and a very sharp intellect, which helps me see things the way they are, without being clouded with superstitions, limiting beliefs, and assumed judgement. I have an expanded consciousness that has fine-tuned my receptivity – and, I have a protective layer of aura that keeps me safe from any malicious elements.

I work from home or coffee shops for undistracted time to complete the activities that requires the peaks of my creativity. I go to the office only when I have to meet my team or my clients. I DO NOT micromanage the tasks of my team members, and resolve to the highest standards of effective project management. I build powerful business relationships which fills our sales pipeline full of high-value business deals. My high-priority focus is to expand our markets, create new products and services, talk at conferences around the world & build a powerful and reputed brand of digital marketing.

I love my wife and my parents, give them the best experiences I can offer, and be there for them when they need me. My kids are healthy, and enjoy the lifestyle and the exposure that I am able to offer to them. My wife is very supportive and stands beside me and helps me accomplish my dreams and goals. I help my wife find her strengths and purpose in life, and empower her to make her dreams come true. We enjoy taking long vacations and the weekend drives.

I contribute to my society individually and through powerful organizations such as the Rotary Foundation and the Junior Chamber International. I serve various causes and effectively contribute to these wonderful institutions to help uncover the needs of the society and take important decisions. I help at least a dozen kids every year, with grants and scholarships that enable them with quality education, that helps them take charge as contributing citizens.

I play as hard as I can, offering my 100% in everything that I do. I have developed a massive intensity of compassion in life, that makes me a charismatic individual. I leave an unforgettable impression on the people that I meet by offering myself completely into the conversation and the situation. I enjoy being of help to anyone that needs it. I take responsibility.

I surrender to the grace that surrounds me, and experience the highest levels of bliss. I transcend to the senses beyond the levels of physical, to the realms of silence and stillness where I find the connection to my core, my creator. I belong to the universe, and nothing can stop me from experiencing the ecstasies of living a fulfilled life.

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