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Related Stories Death toll rises from fatal warehouse blaze Fatal Oakland warehouse fire ID’d Warehouse owner had been cited Facebook post by Ghost Ship organizer stirs angerA large rally occurred at SFO on Tuesday. Workers are calling for a higher minimum wage.It part of the nationwide “Fight for 15” protests.Hundreds gathered for a rally outside of the international terminal at SFO for a rally.Union workers from across the Bay Area are calling for better pay. People who participated in the rally included retail workers, fast food workers, airport employees along with Uber and Lyft drivers.Earlier Tuesday morning arrests were made in Oakland during a protest calling for a higher minimum wage.

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Maynard said the boy crawled through a barrier and landed in the moat. He was walking and splashing. Harambe, a 17 year old male gorilla weighing more than 400 pounds, picked up the boy, Maynard said. Photo Rosie O’Donnell/TwitterChelsea O’Donnell, 17, was last seen with Bear, her six month old black terrier therapy dog Aug. 11 in the Rockland County area. Photo Rosie O’Donnell/Twitter..

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