Steven Snow

Steven Snow, who arrived in Kalkaska from Alberta, Canada, three weeks ago, said the coaching he has received in such little time has already improved his game. Poor positioning for the defenseman was leading to him being beaten inside, but he didn’t understand why it was happening. Now he does, and he’s correcting it with Oliwa’s guidance..

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The Pistons got a shooting guard who spent his senior season at point guard in Syracuse’s Gbinije. That should excite anyone who has seen Kentavious Caldwell Pope’s knuckleball handle. Assistant general manager Brian Wright said the Pistons view Gbinije as a combination guard.

In Nov. 2012, White announced that Rousey had signed with the UFC. He later crowned Rousey its first women bantamweight champ and matched her against Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 in her first title defense. So I turn to the Cubs. We follow them in the paper and on TV. We buy baseball cards each year, sorting them for the familiar red on the caps.

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