The Voices Inside Your Head: Who Do You Listen To?

I mentioned in my previous post about my Facebook Fast to cut down on the external noise for 30 days, to listen to my inner voice. So, what’s the inner voice?

Every night, I resolve to wake up early in the morning. But when the time comes to wake up early, I have these voices inside my head that says “Hey Rk, you worked hard last night and you slept very late and you DESERVE some more sleep. The world is not going to change if you wake up early. Sleep for another 30 minutes, so you can wake up fresh and have a nice day”.. and the other voice, though feeble, says “Don’t listen to that, Rk.. You have made plans to go to the gym and work out, and that expensive gym membership is still not utilized because of your laziness – you better get up and start working out and get fit”. Now the other voice, which craves instant gratification, says “If you go to the gym now, you can’t work out well because you’re feeling groggy, just rest for some more time, Rk!”

And you guessed, who won!

This is a typical scene that goes on inside everyone’s head. There’s an Angelic voice, and a Demonic voice. They both fight all the time, and the one that you feed the most, wins! But the good news is, you can always choose WHOM to feed. That’s right – It is up to you, totally. Now, the key is to tune into your inner voice, and be aware of who’s talking, and what’s going on.

The negative, Demonic inner voice is primarily driven by reptilian brain (or lymbic brain), which was formed in our early evolutionary stages – which is responsible for the “fight-or-flight” and is Survival-driven. The primary objective of this part of the brain is to Avoid Pain (in other terms, prevents from undergoing temporary pain to enjoy long-term welfare). It usually says “You can’t do it”. “It is better to give up, because it will cause pain”.

The Positive, Angelic inner voice is the function of the Neo Cortex, the part of the human brain responsible of intelligence, language, manipulation, reasoning and analysis. This is the voice that tells you what you need to do logically to achieve your goals and dreams in life.  This voice usually says “It’s OK if you’ve failed, learn from it and move on”. It says “You need to do this now, or you will suffer later”. It says “Just try it. You can do it”.

Challenge you inner demonic voice:

When the time comes to take action that involves short-term pain and long-term benefit (like waking up and working out), we have a choice, to listen to the Angelic or Demonic voice. The more we think, the less action we take. I have decided to pay attention and feed the Angelic inner voice and take action.

The Hashtag Mantra: #ListenToTheGoodVoice and #DoItAnyway.

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