What is Your ONE Thing?

“Accountability is the breakfast of champions.”
– Gary Keller

I’ve always struggled with ‘Discipline’. I thought that Discipline was what made the successful people, well, Successful! The book I’m reading right now, The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller, has lessons that gave me the answers to some of my most burning questions.

Gary says, this pervasive idea that the successful person is the ‘Disciplined person’ who leads a ‘Disciplined life’, is a LIE. The truth is that we don’t need any more discipline than we already have. What we really need, is to build HABITS that forms the core of any ‘Discipline’.

When we look at it from this perspective, suddenly it becomes simpler. And the ONE thing book teaches us, is how to FOCUS on just ONE thing at a time. It is easier said than done, as we live in a world with so many distractions, with elements grabbing for our attention all the time.

Gary says that “you can be successful with less discipline than you think, for one simple reason: success is about doing the RIGHT thing, not about doing EVERYTHING right”. Well, I think this is true, because the trick to success is choosing the RIGHT habit that aligns with our vision.

66 Days to the Sweet Spot:

It takes 66 days on an average to acquire a new habit. The key is to repeat the behavior everyday for 66 days to become a habit. There are others that say it takes 21 days, and others say it takes 40 days. But nothing can beat a streak of 66 days – to ensure that the habit has REALLY kicked-in.

Here’s something that helps you stay on track, thanks to The ONE Thing book team.

66-day challange

(PDF – Click here)

Big Ideas:

  • Be a person of powerful habits.
  • Build one habit at a time.
  • Success is sequential, and not simultaneous.
  • Give each habit enough time. 66 days to make sure it “Sticks”.

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